Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Halloween

Annie was Rapunzel from Tangled this year.  I don't think she's ever even seen the movie but I had the pattern and most of the supplies so I decided to make it.  She didn't mind wearing the dress but she hated wearing the hair/wig.  We took 117 pictures and were only able to capture a few with her wearing the hair.  The rest of the time was spent running around trying to get her to put it on.  It was a big game to her.  

 She was doing a princess sway.  

We debated whether to go trick or treating or not reasoning that she was barely 2 years old and won't remember.  Plus James was super tired.  But, we later decided to just try one or two houses.  Annie didn't know what we were up to but she knew she didn't have to go to bed and we were going outside with her pink pumpkin bucket and that was enough to delight her.  

We walked to a neighborhood just 5 minutes away, and it was super quiet.  At first we were hesitant to knock on any doors because we didn't see or hear other trick or treaters, but James suggested we only go to homes with Halloween decorations and a porch light so that's what we did.  This is Annie walking up to her first house.  

 Almost every home we knocked on greeted us with the friendliest people trying to give Annie more candy than she needed.  A few of the people told us that hardly any kids had come to their homes so I think we almost felt an obligation to knock on as many of the porch lit doors as we could on the road we were on.  It only took about an hour but Annie really got the hang of trick or treating.  I must admit that all the praises on how cute she looked was our personal treat.

By the time we made it back home she had pulled the suckers out of her pumpkin and that was all she wanted.  She loves suckers.  

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